concours International de belcanto Vincenzo Bellini
concours International de belcanto Vincenzo Bellini

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            Registrations closed   for this  selecting auditions                                                      Next     VENICE   august 25 

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                                                                      Concours Bellini next edition  / Marseille France

                                                                                            Candidates selection 2016                                                                                            


The International  Vincenzo Bellini Belcanto Contest is the only contest totally dedicated to the "belcantist" repertory and voices.
That's why it takes a special part in the international lyric world.

His founder President, the Italian conductor Marco GUIDARINI, a very
famous and important character of this lyric world, placed a very high level to
the vocal quality required for the participation to very selective sessions.
These sessions are opened to young professional singers, mostly already
prize-winners of international contests.

The great knowledges of Maestro GUIDARINI on the subject makes this
contest, an absolute and uncontested reference of this vocal domain opened to
very few artists. Unique in its conception, this contest has, as a vocation, to
research and offer to the audience, voices typically and technically able to
access the great "belcantist" roles. Our frequent collaboration stablished, owing to Maestro GUIDARINI, with the "accademia della Scala de Milano" shows the will and legitimacy of our movement which consists indiscovering and promoting the must of "belcantist" voices.

For its creation last 2010 in France, this Franco-Italian contest was placed under the patronage of the French Minister of Culture, the Ambassador ofItaly in France and the European Commissaire in charge of Culture and Youth.
Another patronage was in 2012 the one of the Provincia Regionale di Catania
(Sicilia), city of Bellini's birth, who invited the second edition of thecontest within the context of a twinning between Paris and the birthplace of "Norma"'s composer.

The president of his prestigious jury was Alain LANCERON, also president
of the WARNER MUSIC Group . This jury was made of very important personalities
issued from the lyric world. The choices pertinence of this contest's founders
confirms its high level quality and its prestige: during the first edition of the contest, the magnificent talent of the winner, the young South African soprano Pretty YENDE, has been discovered ; since then she wan the Operalia 2011 contest and is already a Diva acclaimed on the biggest international stages, be the Metropolitan Opera of New York, or the famous Scala di Milano !

The International Belcanto Vincenzo Bellini Contest wants to promote the"belcantist" Art of which he acquired an expertise recognized all over the World through initiatives, partnerships and collaborations with great nternational companies. His under the Patronage of French Ministry of Culture and Communication .


Président Fondateur  : Marco Guidarini                                       

Directrice Générale :   Youra Nymoff-Simonetti  



                                                                                                  NEXT CONTEST  

                                                                                         3 /  4   DECEMBER  2016


                                                AUDITIONS for SELECTING CANDIDATES    

                                                                                   Paris  / FRANCE    july 2

                                                                                 VENICE ( Italy)        august 25 

                                                        Buenos Aires   ( Argentina )   september 2 




                                                Belcanto Repertory Exclusively  : Bellini, Donizetti, Rossini

                                                                   Limite âge : 35 years old women ,38 years   old men   

                                          More details :  ( French. Italian Spanish )

                            For English language :  ( Français . Deutsch   Italian)



                                              NEW PARTNER : City and OPERA de MARSEILLE ( France  )



                        THE CONTEST RULES are addressed only at candidates selected after  the auditions

                                                                    ( Preliminary Round   ) .


The Winners   2010, 2012 ,2013  and 2014   ( click on this link to watch)




  watch periodically our "News" page .












Registration open until July by mail : 

                                                              The Next Workshop :  5 until 9 january 2017


                                         Marco GUIDARINI Conductor    Leontina VADUVA  Soprano


                                                                                 More information: 


     En partnership with the  Prestigious Gstaad New Year Music Festival

            Link  for   Vincenzo Bellini Belcanto Academy 



The contest is not open to free applications, but only after being selected during preliminary auditions

Contest rules are addressed  to selected candidates, and only  at them , from september  2014



NEWS  2014  !   

Here are the Winners of the fourth édition /


1 st    Big prize  :  not assigned


Spécial Prize of the city de la Garenne-Colombes  : EX -AEQUO at 

Marion LEBEGUE Mezzo Soprano  France

Cristina GIANNELLI  Soprano  Italy

Spécial Prize  for the best interprétation  of the French Aria


Special Prize of the Gstaad  New year Music Festival

Myrto BOCOLINI  Greece 


To all finalists and Winners Congratulations !








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